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The advantages at a glance

Price and time advantages



between 1 Euro and 5 Euro for 1000 words

Creation time ~ 3 - 5 minutes

Processing time to enter: 5 seconds


between 16 Euro and 80 Euro for 1000 words

Creation time ~ 1 - 3 days

Processing time to post: 5 minutes to several hours


between 22 Euro to 80 Euro for 1000 words

Creation time ~ 1 - 3 days

Processing time to post: 5 minutes to several hours

"Experience the magic of AI with WordGenie and increase your success."

WordGenie is the tool you've been looking for when it comes to creating high-quality content. It's easy to use and automated, so you can generate engaging content in no time. With the tool's SEO optimization, you can be sure that your content will also be found by search engines, increasing your reach.

Through our tool you can fill several Wordpress blogs with content at the same time!

But WordGenie can do much more than just fast and user-friendly content creation! The artificial intelligence built into our tool can also give you valuable insights into the uniqueness of your post and provide you with analytics on your competition. You can even ask questions and get content ideas for topical content generation.

Try it out for yourself and see how easy it can be to create engaging and SEO optimized content!


Free images

Our tool integrates free images. You can choose suitable images and insert them SEO-optimized into your article!


Synchronization with Wordpress

You can use the tool to connect multiple WordPress instances of you and thus, edit and generate content for the appropriate blog.



Through our unique Magic-Functions we can give you perfect suggestions for internal linking, content ideas for a strong Topical Authority and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have questions? We have answers!

Is the tool free of charge?

The tool is completely free for you. We will contact you as soon as the tool is launched via email with your access.

Natürlich hoffen wir auf ehrliches Feedback von dir!

What is the quality of the content?

The content quality is very good. You may need to adjust the text a bit, but feel free to give us personal feedback!

How does the content rank on Google?

At the moment, a case study is being conducted on this very topic. After only one month, numerous rankings and indexations have already been achieved!

You will find more detailed information in the blog section.

How much will the tool cost after beta phase?

We are currently not yet in the pricing phase but expect a very fair price. A text with 1000 words, which you buy from a copywriter, will be replaced by 10 texts from us!

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