Keyword Tracking is now available!

Keyword tracking is particularly important in the field of SEO in order to maintain an overview. To improve our WordGenie SEO tool even further, we have integrated precisely this feature for you.

Keyword Tool SEO WordGenie

With keyword tracking, you can easily monitor your keywords on Google. This ensures that when you create a blog post, it is also determined whether the SEO optimization was successful.

Costs of the keyword tracking feature

To make our keyword tracking for Google available to everyone, a keyword costs 0.005 tokens per day, which is the equivalent of 0.5 cents.

Costs dailymonthly
amount keywords
105 Cent1,5 Euro
2010 Cent3 Euro
10050 Cent15 Euro
These are the introductory prices, they may be subject to change!

We offer different prices for agencies and customers with multiple keywords!
Please contact us at info(at)wordgenie.de

How does Keyword Tracking work?

The keywords can simply be added using the form at the top of the keyword page!

Add Keywords WordGenie

The keyword is then recorded if you have tokens and updated daily at around 11:00 am (Berlin time zone).

What are the advantages of WordGenie's keyword tracking?

The advantages are obvious:

  • Neutral tracking of SEO optimizations (the queries are always carried out from the same location and under the same conditions)
  • SEO optimizations can be tracked clearly
  • Simple addition and deletion of keywords

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